CROEO Organization Structure & Professional Services

CRO Engineering & Consults is organized in a team format with each group headed by a principal of the firm.

CROEC specialized in Construction Railway Operations(CRO) - system management services, combined with the distribution of work area , access control, permit to work system, turnout switching, line clearance inspection, shunting movement of rail vehicles, power supply operation control and other technical areas of services; know how to provide clients with a systematic control services and their needs.


CROEC dedicates to help the rail project main contractor to improve their productivity, quality, safety and efficiency.


The CROEC consultancy firm by the Possession & Access Control Team、 Works Train Operation Team、Mainline & Depot Control Team 、 EMU Drivers Team、 Railway Safety Protection & Security Team 、 Line Clear Inspection Team 、Turnout Switching Team , Short Circuit Device Team 、 Power Supply Team 、 CRO Training Team.

CROEO Organization
CROEC Organization Structure & Professional Services
CROEC teams focus on specific practice areas while also aligning with client relationships to maintain continuity and add to service. Services of primary teams are :

● CRO Documents Preparation ( CRO Guideline, Safety Rules & Training Program)
●Training Program include CRO – WPS Training, Works Train Operator Training, Manual Turnout Switch
● Issue CRO and TCOMP Training , ID card and stage of documents to Project Supervision Personnel(BOTHSR, MRTEO, CECI & SINOTECH ) and subcontractors Power team WPS, Work Party Supervisors , Works Train Operators and schedule controller.
Operation/Line Clear Operation Training, OCS Earthing Training / Short Circuit Device Training, Security Training, CRRA Training & TCOMP Training (Government Supervision Units included )
●Collection, Review & Issue Permit To Work To subcontractors of track units, E&M installation units and all other related contractors within the defined / restricted areas.
● Inspection & Issue Works Train / Trolley Certification .
● Condition Handover of BSS/TSS Power Rooms & SS Station Power Rooms

● All power rooms - Access Control 24 hrs. after condition handover.

●Depot Train Shunting Movements – EMU Movement included Manual Turnout Switching Operation Line Clear Inspection, Route Setting , ..for EMU,SHUNTER & Works Train etc.

●Power supply switching operations(Manual and SCADA Remote Control) when testing and commissioning

●T&C Operations Planning

How to carried out the business?

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